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Write a Rap

Learning how to write a rap requires practice and proper knowledge of rap structure. To write a rap song, you will need structure, which is similar to most popular music genres but involves a little variation as well and is highly dependent on complex rhythmical patterns and rhymes. Rap is a genre of music which comprises of looped beats and synthesized instruments in a way where the vocalist uses verse and rhymes to create flow and rhythm evoking emotions. It is essential to consider several aspects while you write a rap in order to ensure that it has a professional outlook and sounds decent as well. An understanding of time signatures and rhythmical devices is one of the elementary steps involved to write a rap.

Rap music has evolved extensively over the past few years and this has given birth to several different genres of rap music, each possessing a distinctive feature pertaining to its own place of origin. However, the basic structure of any rap song follows the pattern defined: verse one followed by chorus, verse two again followed by chorus, bridge and the last chorus. To write a rap, keep in mind that the structure is in four-four time and follows a repeated four-bar phrase in music. This implies that in a rap there are four beats to every bar or measure. The process needed to write a rap often involves the addition of an intro and outro part to the song.

The rapper gives introductory expressions through the involvement of instrumental parts at the initial stage of rap writing process. The artist then follows the basic structure of rhythm and each repetition involves a sense of change of rhythm during the verse. The verse usually ends with a relevant statement and is then followed by the chorus. The majority of the rap comprises at least three verses. A chorus leads smoothly into the next verse and the process continues until three or more verses are performed. The chorus is considered as a hook which connects people to a song.

The bridge is also another element of rap structure which differs from chorus and verse and usually occurs once in the entire rap structure. The bridge is basically a sub chorus which indicates the transition from normal verse to the part of the structure which is not to be repeated again. The outro part of rap structure finalizes it by repeating the instrumental parts as they fade away.

The basic rap structure is explained above briefly which is taken into account by most rappers before you write a rap. The advent of new styles has changed the outlook of rap writing, yet the basics of rap writing and the dominance of background rhythm still tends to be one of the essentials involved in writing a rap structure.

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